Friday, March 11, 2011

Prepare Your Vehicle For Hot Summer Temps

My best advice on driving in the city is don’t let your vehicle overheat, the consequences can be devastating.  Always make sure your coolant level is full and of the recommended ratio of coolant to water.  In the summer, especially in the desert Southwest, your engine can quickly overheat, blow a head gasket or incur other heat related problems.  Lack of proper anti-freeze levels in the winter can actually crack the engine block.  
My first car was a Honda Civic, it was an easy vehicle to work on so I always enjoyed doing my own maintenance and repair work, but sometimes when I couldn't diagnose the problem, I would ask a mechanic his opinion and then get on with the repair.  Being able to ask the advice of someone who regularly deals with multiple vehicle problems is really invaluable.  If you would like to ask a question online, you might try Los Angeles auto repair,  their panel of experts can answer all sorts of questions relating to your vehicle. 
If you don’t know much about your vehicle, don’t just let some mechanic tell you what you need to have done.  Research your vehicle’s problem online and you won’t just blindly believe everything you are told.  Get informed before you spend your hard earned cash and maybe you will spend less of it!    

Please see Marty’s Simple Car Care Tips for more car care advice.

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